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HipHopSpot’s News on the D-12

By a Gossiping Bitch on January 24th, 2005

News On The D-12

Weekly Eminem Update, ft. Other Rap News….
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While the polls didn’t go the way we would have liked, it can be argued that Eminem’s song “Mosh,” released just before the election, had a huge impact on young people in this country. Mr. Mathers has indicated he has future plans to continue his politically tinged raps, including one track encouraging Democrats to “Filibuster the Busters.” If the crushings of the careers of Benzino, Insane Clown Posse, and Fred Durst are any indication, it is going to be a looong 4 years for W. — Anrdreass Hate

TIL SHE’S OLD AND GRAE has just learned that Jean Grae is tentatively considering possibly releasing an album in 2006, which might be titled Jean Splicing. The album will either be entirely produced by the Beatminerz, the Neptunes, or will feature a host of no-named producers that largely sound like Timbaland. Although nothing has been recorded for the album thus far, Jean Grae is still concerned about it leaking to the internet, and has penned a 40,000 word essay blasting her fans’ lack of loyalty, to be dropped the instant this album gets discussed on any hip-hop message board. Promo items for this album have yet to be set in stone, but you can preorder it right here at today! — Pizza


It seems that all the MTV fame has gone to the head of Xzibit. The early verdict on his album, Weapons of Mass Destruction, is it’s just not that good. Gone is the hungry LA underground MC with the distinctively gruff voice, and in his place stands a rapper sounding like he wants more to impress La La and DJ Clue than the Streetz. It’s a shame too, because we had high hopes for him when he started out. But we see how much he appreciates our early support, now that his record company has not been forthcoming with any exclusive packages for us to sell with the new album. Say it ain’t so, X! — Andreass Hate


Our inside sources have made some not so startling revelations about one Eminem. We have it on good authority that the Slim One is an exceptional father. Not only has he taken full custody of his daughter (because that hateful drug addicted bitch Kim is too much of a burnout to raise her daughter), but he also takes care of his little brother as well. That should have shut up the naysayers, but we’ve also learned through various contacts that they have plans to keep talking shit in 2005. Not to worry, however, because word on the street is that our boy is gonna just keep on keepin’ on. Take that! — Uter Brögenhaven


Super underground Oregon-based rap group Lyrikal Whirlwinz has lobbed a series of dis tracks at…well, everyone in hip-hop, on their new self-produced lp Who Wants Some?. The trio has yet to perform in front of a crowd, but according to emcee and group leader dORF, “We’ve practiced, like, every day for months after school and on weekends. Except Sunday. That’s when our DJ has Hebrew School.” was able to obtain a press copy of Who Wants Some?, and it is fifteen solid tracks of rap, each track aimed at a particular person in the industry, for example “Dame Dash Your A Looser” which features the lyrics: “Dame Dash, you’re a lame ass, with your wack-ass gold chains and your fake gold plaque.” When told that Roc-A-Fella records has, in fact, earned several certified platinum plaques, dORF replied, “He’s still a sucker.” Dame Dash and the rest of the people dissed on this record have yet to respond to these tracks—we hope they can settle all of this on wax in the true hip-hop tradition. — Christopher “Scab” Yukcabbage


HipHopSpot has got to speak on this, because a lot of people have had shit to say on various internet message boards. Another online hip-hop music retailer you’re probably familiar with, SandCastleInstantaneous, has been complaining about us promoting “exclusive” deals, when they claim to be offering similar ones. First off, this just isn’t true. If you’re offering a Planet Asia album and mixtape combo pack with signatures, and we’re offering a Planet Asia album and mixtape combo pack with signatures AND a personal message from Planet Asia, then that is an EXCLUSIVE deal. If you can’t compete with our amazing offers of hip-hop collectibles, then get out the game. Oh, and we’d also like to address the cats out there who think us beefin’ with SCI is just a scam, and that we’re really cooperating with each other to keep prices up and diminish the competition. Uh, that’s not true either. — Uter Brögenhaven


One of the most hotly anticipated albums of ’04 happened to come at the end of it – Xzibit’s Weapons of Mass Destruction. By all accounts, this is a return to form for the legendary west coast MC turned MTV superstar. A lot has happened since the release of his last album, but it looks like “X to the Z” has not lost any of the skills that have thrilled hip-hoppers the world over. We never had any doubt about this, of course, as we’ve been long term supporters of the X-man’s. Oh, and I’ve just learned that the good people at Sony are giving HHS permission to put together a mixtape of exclusive Xzbit tracks, unreleased material, and freestyles to be included FREE with the next 2,000,000 orders of the new album (shoot us an email if you’ve already ordered, and we’ll be sure not to answer until you send 5 more). So, look for the package deal with Xzibit’s new album and the mixtape, Xenophobia, on the HHS front page in the coming days. Dope! — Uter Brögenhaven


A lot of readers have given us flack over a perceived Eminem bias in our reporting. Hey, when D-12 albums drop, we’re the first ones to point out that all those guys, except Marshall, are really bad at rapping and that there should be more of him on the tracks. When “Mosh” dropped, we didn’t make any bold pronouncements, like the dude changed the world or something. When his movie was out, it’s not like we thought he should get a Best Actor award or anything (though a nomination would have been appropriate). Hey, all we’re saying is that he is the greatest of all time and has an unparalleled ability to maintain relevance in an ever changing rap world. What’s so ass-kissing about that? Anyway, we just report on Marshy a lot because of our inside connects with him, so save all that conflict of interest talk. Oh, more Encore outtakes and exclusive extras coming soon. — Pizza


Look out for the newly-repackaged debut lp from Cormega, The Realness to drop in February, this one will be a CD/DVD set, and the DVD will contain an exclusive, eight-hour interview with Cormega where he speaks about “bitch rappers”…Well-revered and unanimously beloved underground super-rappers Jedi Mind Tricks are gearing up for a world tour this Spring, which will go from South Philly to Boston, and back! Promoters, please contact this website to book more shows. And be on the lookout for their tour-only CD, available at shows and through!… blows away the competition with our promo items, claims several credible news sources…Controversial rapper Eminem woke up this morning, walked to the bathroom, and took a piss; we can confirm this because this reporter had the supreme privilege of holding his penis while he urinated…Mobb Deep affiliate Littles sent us a missive titled, “For God’s sake, someone please recognize my existence!” He can be seen freestyling with a bunch of other forgettable rappers on the new Streetz Lingo DVD magazine, available for $19.99 from this site…Universally loved and undeniably super-talented emcee Immortal Technique will be self-releasing his seventh lp, titled C’Mon, Man, I Had an Unsigned Hype and Everything, What the Fuck? on February 8th.

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