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U-God, Sonny Cheeba Caught in Online Love Serenade

By a Gossiping Bitch on February 12th, 2004

U-God, Sonny Cheeba Caught in Online Love SerenadeOne of our Gossiping Bitches has intercepted a Valentine’s Day AOL instant message love ballad between Camp Lo’s Sonny Cheeba and Wu Tang Clan’s U-God.

It’s erotic. It’s poetic. Brace yourselves, and break out the Applesauce.

Sonny Cheeba:
Bubbalicious chocolate star
with the goodie brown
ivory back scratcher
me and you on a trip to Morocco

Ginger cookies, marshmallows,
chocolate chips
pour honey from your feet
up to your rounded hips

Sonny Cheeba:
Call me Africana
the one with exquisite places and times
lay down on the low
with grapes and divine

I love you
and I meant it

Sonny Cheeba:
Number one soul brother
cashmere, terrycloth
streaming robes of silk
and big loads of jambalaya

Pour the cherry flavored oils
suck on your big toes
what does all this mean?
only Sonny Cheeba knows

Sonny Cheeba:
With the silver dollar
lodged in between the ass crack
slippery when wet
unexplainable Bob Ross portrait

Meanwhile courtside
I reminisce
set adrift with P.M. Dawn
memory bliss

Sonny Cheeba:
In my back pocket
with the girl they call Sophia
had to wonder if
they would remove the golden pedal

A sweet kiss all day
with rose pedals
eat you til you scream and holler

Sonny Cheeba:
Diamonds and ice
14 carat cuff links
with the silver house slippers
and a bear skin rug

Homo Erectus
sugar water serum
almonds and toffee
Pythagorean Theorem

Sonny Cheeba:
A pound of caviar
Rolls Royce, Popeyes’ biscuits
and a record deal
so I’m bound to go far

Puppy dogs and spices
all things nice
Tubbs and Crockett
Miami Vice

Sonny Cheeba:
Drink the bubbly slowly
so I can stay iced down
never pack the Haagen Daaz
in my front glove box

The most lovely
you stand above me
when we’re married
I hope you still love me

Sonny Cheeba:
Eat the black popsicle
lounge on a leather chair
under red lights
why am I so nonsensical?

Confessions from the man
that punched holes in your belly
chilling on a Persian rug with guava jelly

Shit, I have to go, RZA just came in the room.

U-God signed off at 7:19:15 PM

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4 thoughts on “U-God, Sonny Cheeba Caught in Online Love Serenade”

  1. Stephanie says:

    I was trying to find some information about Camp Lo after listening to one of their old songs it brought back memories and I came across this…that’s HILARIOUS…it would have been funnier if that exchange was between him and Geechi Suede.

  2. Gerald says:

    The end when he said RZA here is hilarious.. Cuz i JUST saw a video TODAY of U-God talkin bout RZA was always ego trippin! And then i find this! Wow.

  3. KittyKat says:


  4. KittyKat says:

    Oh wow.

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