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View-Master Causes Much Adieu About Breakin’

By a Gossiping Bitch on March 13th, 2004

WEEKEND UPDATE — A small riot was reported in northern France on Friday by news service Cocaine Blunts, apparently due to a live auction on bid website, eBay. The item in question was a vintage “how to breakdance” View-Master disc, featuring real life New York City breakers. When word hit the streets that the item was up for bid, many French hip-hoppers took to the internet to seize this rare gem of hip hop’s past.

Riots reportedly broke out around 2:00pm, just 15 minutes after the item was posted on eBay by a seller in nearby Germany.

The French chapter of the Zulu Nation was called in to bring order to the civil disturbance. Since all French hip hoppers are members of the Zulu Nation, compliance is expected.

View-Master Causes Much Adieu About Breakin'

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