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Contest: Admit You’re a Newjack

By a Gossiping Bitch on July 12th, 2004

Contest: Admit You're a Newjack

Gossiping Bitches & Lex / Warp Records Presents:

Let’s be real with each other now. You know and I know that you’re a newjack, there’s just no denying it. Sure, with search engines and your hip-hop MP3 library on hand, you can feign expertise, but it’s painfully obvious to many that just a little while ago, you didn’t know Grandmaster Flash from Grandmaster B. Your first rap album was Atmosphere’s Overcast! for crying out loud. What you know about hip-hop could fit on the sharp end of a tack. Why not put your lack of knowledge to good use?

E-mail us your most embarrassing tale of newjackery, like the time you said you liked that track “You’re a Customer” by “Ehpmed” or when you wondered aloud why Showbiz and A.G. would align themselves with a crew that goes by the name “Ditzy.” The best stories will be published on the front page and will win some fabulous prizes from Lexoleum Records.

Grand Prize:
Prince Po – The Slickness CD
Prince Po – Social Distortion 7″
Prince Po – Hold Dat 12″ (2 Copies)

2nd Prize:
Danger Mouse and Jemini – Ghetto Pop Life CD
Prince Po – Hold Dat 12″ (2 Copies)

3rd Prize:
Prince Po – Hold Dat 12″ (2 Copies)

Entries must be submitted by August 15th, 2004 by 11:59PM PST

Contest is over. Submit your entries only if you want to embarrass yourself.

* Digital photographs illustrating your newjackness encouraged and welcomed.

Learn more about Prince Po & other fine releases at

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