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A Message from the GB: “Keep Ya Head Up,” Mary-Kate!

By a Gossiping Bitch on July 1st, 2004

Mary-KateLike all Americans, we at the GB have watched Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen grow from sweet, tiny babies on the hit TV show Full House, into the beautiful, popular and successful role models and businesswomen they are today. Truly, they are the living embodiment of all that is great about The American Dream. And, like all Americans, we too were shocked and saddened to learn that even they are not immune to the kind of problems and pressures with which so many of us are all too familiar. Therefore, it’s with a heavy, yet still hopeful, heart that we’re “shoutin’ out” Mary-Kate Olsen to let her know that “we got your back, girlfriend!” and like Meth & Mary J, we’ll be there for you! Send her your best wishes and good-luck messages here.

Come back soon, Mary-Kate!

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