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I Ate the Latkes with Apple Sauce: Interview with Edan

By a Gossiping Bitch on March 7th, 2005

Edan goes above and beyond, plus he’s next to flaunt. He stands out like zebras in the restaurant. Please enjoy this informative and entertaining interview with a rap beautician.

EdanGossiping Bitches: Who are you?

EDAN: My name is Edan…YOU set up this interview, didn’t you…bitchmouse?

GB: Is it your intention to expose more people to the foundations of hip-hop through your mixtapes and original music? Why or why not?

EDAN: Yeah…why not…I figure this hip-hop stuff wouldn’t be here without a lot of these pioneers…people sleep on innovation all the time…brothers did some wild, beautiful shit and it makes me feel good and I wanna let the people know…showing love is always the right move…I will always show love and acknowledge the triumphant ones who slapped broad strokes of paint all over the canvas of time, bitch…

GB: You are best-known for making rap, but you also perform some folk rock at your live shows and you sample psychedelic rock. Is this because you are eclectic or just a little bonkers? Please explain.

EDAN: All this “folk-rock” and “psychedelic hip-hop” talk is whatever…I’m just making a rap record the same way Special Ed made “Youngest In Charge” or some shit…I play guitar and sing when it feels right and write rhymes when that feels appropriate…I love all forms of music, but ultimately consider it all connected and kin…cats always wanna keep ‘yellow’ and ‘blue’ separate…I just wanna mix them shits up and make that ‘GREEN’! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$…just joking…on the real side, diversity is the spice of this life shit and I want to see the zebras and the insects and the humans all co-mingled as variations of one almighty force…we don’t all have to all hold hands or whatever, but at least recognize that we all come from the same place…the same essence…the creator.

GB: You have lived in London. Why do you think British people can?t rap?

EDAN: I never lived in London. Next question…

GB: You rapped, “I used to spaghetti and meat sauce/ now I eat veggies with the saut饤 tofu.” Is that supposed to somehow supplant spaghetti and meat sauce? It seems like a weak recipe to me.

EDAN: I was talkin’ veggies and tofu IN the tomato sauce, instead of the cut up cow that you like. Whatever. I went through a bullshit little vegetarian phase…I eat chicken and fish…I’ll wrap a brick of tofu around a chicken nugget and eat that shit…I don’t care too much as long as it’s reasonably healthy…

GB: Your new longplayer is entitled Beauty & The Beat. Do you consider yourself a beauty?

EDAN: Sometimes…other times I get insecure and need encouragement…anyhow, I wasn’t alluding to myself with the album title.

Edan, AgainGB: How long have you been White? Did you become White for financial or personal reasons?

EDAN: I’m actually down with the Jewish tribe, son…my folks are from Israel and what not…I was at the Wailing Wall puttin little pieces of prayer-paper in between the bricks and shit…I ate the latkes with apple sauce growing up…not the apple pie, son…I ate challah bread…not Wonder Bread…recognize…

GB: As a white rapper not signed to Def Jux, why hasn’t El-P dissed you yet?

EDAN: El is a good dude…peace to that whole crew…

GB: Who would win in a fight: Ed from Sandbox or Pizzo from HipHopSite? What if the fight happened in a tub of tofu?

EDAN: That’s a funny question…as much as Pizzo is my homeboy…I think Ed got that bottled up rage type shit…Ed is always just soft-spoken and ’bout his business…and I think given the chance to unleash that inner fury, he would wyl’ the fuck out…

GB: You went on tour with Sage Francis in 2003. What were you thinking?

EDAN: Sage asked me if I wanted to do it…that was in 2002…I was in no position to turn down work at the time…regardless, Sage is an ill performer…you may or may not like his shit, but he’s crazy devoted to what he does and I appreciate the fact that he gave me that look back then…

GB: You often wear a wig on stage. Did you run that by Kool Keith first?

EDAN: I deaded that wig shit a long time ago…I actually grew my shit out to accurately replace the wig…that was my scheme the whole time! Cats still think I’m rocking some bullshit wig…but thats part of the punchline, bitch…

GB: You have dedicated songs to some of your favorite emcees including Kool Keith and Schooly D. Are there any on this album? Have you considered a Redhead Kingpin tribute?

EDAN: My life is a long-running tribute to my artistic ancestors: musicians, emcees, painters, philosophers, the most high included…The only thing Red head Kingpin accomplished was that move where you slapped down the mic-stand and did a spin or some shit before it came back up…

GB: You and Insight seem awfully close, what’s up with that?

EDAN: We just respect this art form and thought it would be good to link up and freak routines for the live shows and shit…I hope that’s cool with you.

GB: How many emcees must get dissed?

EDAN: As long as they continue to act stoopid, they should be held accountable…

GB: You make liberal use of an effects pedal in your live show, how did this come about?

EDAN: General boredom bro. I just like hearing shit repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat.

Edan, Yet AgainGB: Have you ever thought of using a talkbox like Peter Frampton? Dude, it?s like his guitar is talking. That shit is awesome.

EDAN: You like that “Frampton Comes Alive” shit? I can’t say that I’m a fan…but hey, the talkbox definitely has its place…you ever heard that break on the Upp joint or the Booker T. & The MG’s shit from Kane’s “Set It Off”? I believe the talkbox is in effect on both of those…

GB: You rap a lot about food. Are you hungry?

EDAN: No more than the next man…I’m a skinny dude, so my metabolism might be ghost-writing for me on some sub-conscious shit…

GB: Maybe you should consider a foodstuff more substantial than veggies with sautè tofu. This isn?t really a question, just a concerned comment.

EDAN: I’m good, man. My nutrition is powerful.

GB: Seriously, what’s up with Mr. Lif’s hair?

EDAN: Lif got some loafy shit goin’ on up there, but he freaks it. It works for him…I have a little bit of a coif myself these days…gotta protect the dome-piece.

GB: What’s the stupidest thing a fan has ever said to you?

EDAN: Some chick claimed she was my “stalker”. I ain’t seen that broad since…she must not be doing a very good job.

GB: Have you ever heard of Troy Walsh?

EDAN: No. Never.

Edan’s longplayer Beauty and the Beat comes out March 29th on Lewis Records.

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