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Common Sense Interview: From the Feather Leather Weather Archives

By a Gossiping Bitch on January 20th, 2012

Rap blogging is generally thought to have launched in the early 2000s, reaching its apex of influence in the mid to late part of the decade, earning the eternal gratitude of the talentless everywhere (mostly southern rappers). Gossiping Bitches has uncovered a previously unrecognized piece of internet hip-hop history, the first rap blog. The Feather Leather Weather predates all rap blogs, and even the notion of expressing inconsequential opinions on the internet itself. Yes, that far back!

In this edition of the FLW archives, rapper Common Sense (now known as actor/rapper Common, just a shade above the Black Eyed Peas in hardcoreness) is interviewed, reminding us all why we used to love him. Either that, or reminding us all why we should have been much more annoyed by him.

December 15, 1992
Posted by Infinitezimal

Much hyped rapper Common Sense has just dropped a debut album with only one good song. Yet I still came away from playing the tape (and returning it) liking him personally and hopeful for his future. Q&A below, along with my recordings of his unique speech inflections. Enjoy?

Feather Leather Weather: What’s up, introduce yourself to the people.

Common Sense: I’m Petey Wheatstraw from the, uh, from the, uh, I’m P-P-P-Petey…

FLW: No, really, introduce yourself to rap fans who may not have heard of you yet.

CS: Oh oh oh, ‘kay ‘kay ‘kay, I’m the Lon-chicka-chicka-L-L-Lonnie Lynn.

FLW: No you’re not. You are a rapper. No one cares what your real name is. No rappers go by their real names, that would be ridiculous. You know, “government name,” and so on. Well, fuck it, when we post this, your name, Common Sense, will be giving the responses anyway. So, where you from?

CS: The South-S-S-S-South…

FLW: Oh, like Georgia? Could have sworn you said Chicago on the record. You kind of bite New York though, truthfully.

CS: …S-S-Southside-side-side…

FLW: Ah, you weren’t done yet.


…Southside of Chicago!

FLW: What the living hell was that? Why are you squeaking? If you want to get some water or something, go ahead. Like I was saying, you bite east coast pretty heavily, aside from saying Joe instead of yo. That’s adorable. But seriously, why is Chicago rap even necessary?

CS: The cause, cuz, is cos we like [squeak] with it, and no other place can really say they got it like that.

FLW: That’s a good point. I’m just gonna pretend I understand what you’re saying from now on.


FLW: Quite. So what’s your next move in this crazy rap world?


FLW: Yeah, I agree. I mean, this west coast gangster stuff is cool. Sometimes I just want to kill too, you know? But there should be some balance. And you’ll be commenting on that, perhaps in a song using a female hip-hop metaphor whose life represents interesting phases in its history, until you come to that misguided bitch’s rescue? Great idea! The perfect antidote for all that negative rap being put out.


FLW: Wordup. So yeah, thanks for taking my call. I’ll send you that holistic healing book for your girl, but don’t get caught up in that shit yourself. I mean, your style benefits greatly from drinking, so promise me you won’t go all Juiceman on us. Squeak twice for no.


FLW: Bless you, Common Sense, may you never change.

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