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Common Sense Interview: From the Feather Leather Weather Archives

January 20th, 2012
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Common Sense Interview, 1992

In this edition of the FLW archives, rapper Common Sense (now known as actor/rapper Common, just a shade above the Black Eyed Peas in hardcoreness) is interviewed, reminding us all why we used to love him. Either that, or reminding us all why we should have been much more annoyed by him.

December 15, 1992
Posted by Infinitezimal

Much hyped rapper Common Sense has just dropped a debut album with only one good song. Yet I still came away from playing the tape (and returning it) liking him personally and hopeful for his future. Q&A below, along with my recordings of his unique speech inflections. Enjoy?

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Common: “I’m not gay! No, really.”

May 10th, 2005
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In what some are calling a publicity stunt and others are calling a beard, bohemian rapper Common (Sense) today held a press conference to come out as a heterosexual. The announcement comes on the eve of the release of his new album Be, the follow-up to the universally hated and ?uest-loved Electric Circus. Taking a […]

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Ice Cube Officially “Not Scary”

January 26th, 2005
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AP — In a press conference held earlier today, a group of stately honkies representing an organization called the NAAWP revealed that white people officially find Ice Cube to be “Not Scary.” This announcement coincides with the release of the major motion picture Are We There Yet? which stars Cube as a bumbling suitor who […]

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