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Child Thirsts for More Conan; Avoids Gilligan-Style Maroon

By a Gossiping Bitch on June 1st, 2004

Child Thirsts for More ConanEllias C of Hockenstock, NJ became disoriented on the Internet last week when he confused Thurston Howell III from the popular TV show Gilligan’s Island with the Brownsville, Brooklyn rapper of the same name.

Thirstin Howl III, the rapper, spells his name differently and has made his rap career “flourish” on the unofficial endorsement of high-priced yacht gear by Ralph-Lauren’s Polo brand.

Ellias recalls his moment of confusion: “Conan O’Brien was running a series of jokes on [Thurston Howell III],” types Ellias from a private message on a BBS. “I just assumed he was referring to the rapper, and I got excited at the prospect that Conan was down with underground hiphop!”

So excited, in fact, Ellias quickly took to the internet and posted to a hiphop bbs how “down” Conan O’Brien was.

“He was quick to get dissed,” states Reginald Funkahoe, the moderator to the BBS Ellias posted to. “The poor kid, he even tried to stand up to the barrage of shit talkers by attempting to defend Conan, insisting some of the references made on the show were in regards to both the rapper, as well as the TV star.”

Gossiping Bitches readers may recall a similar story in October, where another teenager seemingly lost his way on the Internet after taking a wrong turn at a hiphop BBS.

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