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Copywrite Stomped by Liza

By a Gossiping Bitch on September 26th, 2005
Copy vs. Liza

Rapper Copywrite getting his ass handed to him by Liza Minelli

Underground emcee and all-purpose punching bag Copywrite was again involved in a violent skirmish with another entertainer. This time, however, it wasn’t a fellow wordsmith in the confrontation but none other than the King of Queens herself, Liza Minelli. The scuffle took place yesterday outside a Manhattan theater where a showing of No, No, Nannette had just let out.

Copywrite burst on the internet hip-hop scene back in the late 1990’s playing the role of goofy sidekick to “He So Crazy” rapper Cage. In between fantasizing about being signed to Roc-A-Fella and hyping himself up anonymously on message boards, the emcee has turned to getting his ass beat to keep himself in the public eye. Copywrite has previously received beatdowns by former crew member Camu Tao and most recently Icon at this year’s White Power Summit, though he still has yet to sell any records. Minelli, herself no stranger to fisticuffs, is currently in the midst of settling a suit from her ex-husband David Gest, who alleges she beat him repeatedly during their time together. She has a recurring role on the Fox sitcom Arrested Development and is paid out the ass.

There is still only speculation as to what caused the actual incident, though, one bystander said, “It popped off pretty quick — she was yelling something about ‘Fucking up my money’ and just kept hitting him. And he didn’t do a damn thing.” Copywrite has yet to press charges and declined to comment. Ms. Minelli promptly issued a press release which read simply: “Shit ain’t sweet.”

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