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Da Band’s Sarah Does Self, Mountain Dew

By a Gossiping Bitch on May 12th, 2004

Da Band's Sarah Does Self, Mountain DewBrooklyn, NY — Based off the success of her popular catch phrase, “I’muh do me. Fuck that” on MTV’s Making the Band 2, singstress Sarah has signed a sponsorship deal with Mountain Dew Beverages as the new celebrity spokesperson for their “Dew U” campaign.

“We hooked it up with [Sarah’s husband] Tony, and it was all good,” says Director of Marketing for Mountain Dew, Donald Whorpstein.

Sarah, speaking on a cell phone from Da Band’s house in Brooklyn, was equally elated. “I’muh do me, fuck that.”

However, some of Sarah’s band members are unhappy about the sponsorship, as they feel they are owed some of the percentage rights for helping Sarah coin the phrase.

“If that muthafucka Tony’s ass wasn’t always coming over and bothering the gwoop, then we wouldn’t have been all up in [Sarah’s] shit and make her say that shit,” says Babs Bunny, the only other female in Da Band aside from Sarah. “We gotta do we, not huhr. Fuck that.”

Pending a movement from the 5 other band members for an injunction on property rights for the phrase, “I’muh do me, fuck that,” look forward to seeing Sarah and Mountain Dew’s promotion sometime around early June in print and billboards.

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