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Digital Camera Turns People, Owner Into Animals

By a Gossiping Bitch on October 16th, 2003

Digital Camera Turns People, Owner Into Animals

A new digital camera by an as-yet unnamed manufacturer has turned its subjects into wildlife animals, and its owner into some form of strange hedgehog / sloth hybrid.

At a school football game in Sydney, Australia parents were shocked when children began to shrink, and take on the form of wildlife animals such as deer and kangaroos.

The photographer, realizing something was wrong, turned the lens of the camera toward himself and began fidgeting with various buttons, observers report, when the camera itself turned the lone photographer into an oddly shaped spikey, brown duck-like creature.

Digital Camera Turns People, Owner Into AnimalsParents and spectators gathered all the children-cum-animals and attempted to calm them by laying in the grass and feeding them seeds and making the “i’m holding an invisible gat” hand as a gesture of lighthearted comedy while scientists were rushed to the scene. People in Australia are being urged not to purchase any new digital cameras until the suspected model number in question can be identified.

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