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Dre Claims ‘Advanced Album’; Anticon Goes to Court

By a Gossiping Bitch on January 31st, 2004

Dre Claims Advanced Album; Anticon Goes to CourtDr. Dre and once Roots mainstay, Scott Storch claim they have “the most advanced rap album ever.” And they say it is Dr. Dre’s new album, The Detox.

“I’d describe it as the most advanced rap album musically and lyrically,” says Scott Storch. When asked if he was familiar with Anticon and the label/collective’s history with the word “advancement” in hiphop, Storch replied, “Huh?”

“Breeze and stars…Wonder willows, what you are?” questions Sole in a proverbial way. “Why does thou art not know, thy Anticon homies in the East Bay have the most advanced listening tunes? This Dre guy is really out of the loop.”

When asked if he knew Scott Storch was white, Sole replied, “Oh, it’s definitely on now!”

Sage Francis was a little harder for us to contact. Many calls to his lumberjack business office were not returned. Sage will be legally representing Sole and the Anticon record label in court; Sage, himself, a jack of all trades. “Rapping’s what I do least best,” remarked Sage in an interview long, long ago…Indeed, Francis…Indeed.

Anticon will file a preliminary injunction against Dre and Dre’s label, Aftermath for use of the term “advanced” in hiphop. More as the news develops.

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