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Gossiping Greet 2005: Mission Kimpossible

By a Gossiping Bitch on June 23rd, 2005

Mondo Kim'sThe first ever “Meet and Greet,” held on June 10th and hosted by Mondo Kim’s in New York City, was raided and shut down by the NYPD moments after the event began. Cited for “Libelous Annoyance” and “General Bitchery,” the entire staff was taken into police custody and are currently being held without bail. Many attendees were also held for questioning, but have since been released.

“Originally, I thought it was Pizzo [of online retailer] setting us up,” said one GB staff member who asked not to be named, “but when nobody promoted the forthcoming Tony Yayo album, I knew it was serious.” This arrest is the latest in a series of legal woes faced by, which includes a cease and desist order issued by hip-hop journalist Oliver “O-Dub” Wang this past April and a complaint filed by Paris Hilton demanding that the website explain “what’s so goddamned funny.” The latter case was settled out of court, and now someone explains the jokes on to Ms. Hilton, at GB’s cost.

At Kim' chose Mondo Kim’s as the site for this event due to their great and mostly illegal contributions to hip-hop culture, but neither the store nor its proprietor, Mr. Kim, are affiliated with the website. “They never even asked us to host the event,” explained Mr. Kim, “they just walked in and started hanging out.” After furtively looking around, Mr. Kim added in a whisper, “Wanna buy a bootleg of a live set by The Shins?”

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