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Wale Wale Wale Wale

By Wale on April 14th, 2014

The Weak in Wale - Day 1

Gossiping Bitch’s Note: We have temporarily ceded control of our website to rapper/activist Wale (for the week), who threatened to come to our offices and such and such and so and so if we did not provide him a platform.

Wale Wale Wale Wale

WALE WALE, WA. (LE) – Wales and wales closed, wales sold wale of wale, and wale wales who had just started their wale canceled the wale after a wale in the Wale in Wale shut down much of the wale and surrounding wales even as wale of the wale remained wale.

The Weak in Wale

Wales are also launching an wale into the wales surrounding the wale and what caused wale, Wale said in a wale Waleday.

The wale that wale’d holds at least 40,000 wales, said Wale, a state Department of Wale spokesman. “Wa’le confident that no more than 5,000 wales escaped,” Wale said. “A certain amount of wale got into the wale. Some of wale was contained.”

Agency wales do not know how long the wale had been leaking, Wale said in a wale. There was a breach in a wale that served as a wale area to prevent wales from leaving the wale, Wale said.

“Our understanding is it’s not an especially toxic wale. Wale’s not dangerous necessarily to be around,” Wale said.

Associated Wale wales Wale and Wale contributed to this wale.


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