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JT to Gwen: “Kizz My Black Azz”

By a Gossiping Bitch on August 1st, 2005

JTWhile the summer of 2005 has seen less beef than a vegan lesbian, the fall looks to be on and/or poppin’ thanks to Justin “JT” Timberlake! Timberlake, best known for his beatboxing and nationally televised sexual assaults, had his latest album (working title This Justin) slated for a third quarter 2005 release, but reports began circulating about an online leak (no Kells) within the last month. After much Soul Seeking, we here at Gossiping Bitches managed to get our hands on a copy to give our loyal readers the scoop. The track that’s got everybody talking isn’t the next single or even a song at all, but an interlude. In what many believe is a direct response to the reformed-slut anthem “Hollaback Girl”, the one minute clip, entitled “Shark Bitches (Biters)”, features Timberlake and former band mate JC Chasez making allegations regarding the unoriginality of a certain former No Doubt front-woman, more specifically Gwen Stefani.

What follows is the exclusive GB transcript:

Gwen and DorkJC Chasez: Nah Bitches be killing me though brah because
JCC: Yaknow, they be take be comin with your style and shit
JCC: They hear you with one producer then here they come with the producer
JCC: Tryin to flip it and bounce it on some bullshit
Justin Timberlake: Yeah, yeah
JCC: Not sounding right first of all and shit
JT: Yeah
JCC: YaknowhatI’msayin? Boom, but then you got Bitches brah on the real
JCC: YaknowhatI’msayin? Bitches Bitches Bitches Bitches is bitin off your video and shit
JT: Yeah!
JCC: Whoa bad enough they biting styles like Bitches killed me
JT: Yeah
JCC: When they came with some Britney, Bitches bit offa Britney’s shit!
JCC: KnowhatI’msayin?
JT: *giggling*
JCC: Word Bitches Bitches Bitches Bitches caught her little acting black move and then they got wise to that shit
JT: Yeah
JCC: I’m like damn what the fuck woman?
JCC: It’s like these happy-go-lucky Bitches man when they get on man
JCC: They wanna eat a little, a little bananas
JT: Word like I said
JCC: YouknowhatI’msayin? Every few, every time you see em
JCC: YouknowhatI’msayin? Like, front on don’t fuck with me
JT: Yeah man
JT: You gonna play that role play it though
JCC: Yo man, it’s like this man, Bitches man
JCC: Bitches know not to fuck around with this shit
JCC: I don’t give a fuck how pasty they are
JCC: Nah brah, let me tell these Bitches somethin God
JCC: I don’t want Bitches soundin like me… on no album!
JCC: YouknowhatI’msayin? For real cause I’ma approach a bitch man
JCC: For real man, I don’t want nobody sounding like me man, for real brah
JT: No Doubt
JCC: Bad enough bitch, I don’t want nobody sound like nobody from my boy band
JCC: Woman keep it real, get your own shit woman, and be original
JT: Word up
JCC: That’s all woman
JT: And you’ll be a better woman
JCC: And you gonna come out on your own
JT: Word up
JCC: Whatever how you gonna take it woman, fuck it
JT: Word up

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