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Lupe Fiasco “Totally Pissed” by Lack of GB Updates

By a Gossiping Bitch on November 28th, 2006

Chicago, IL — Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco has put erstwhile hip-hop blog Gossiping Bitches on blast on his own blog and in the media for not updating it’s site anymore.

Lupe Fiasco

“Where they at?” asked Fiasco in an interview published in September’s issue of Vibe magazine. “It was my favorite blog, and I read all of them! Shout out to Tom Breihan! But then they just went ghost after a while. In fact, it’s like that episode of Ghost in the … um … you know, it’s more like that part in Scarface where he couldn’t find his sister anywhere, and he ended up killing Manolo. Why’d he have to do that?! Manolo was his boy! I’ve got the Special Edition of that on DVD.”

In a July post on his personal blog, Fiasco regretted the site shutting down before he was able to blow up and get a mention in it: “Everybody who’s everybody gets dissed on there. A lot of people who’s nobody too (Sharkey? WTF?). All my favorites growing up. Like I used to listen all the time to Hieroglyph … well, mostly stuff like Scarface. I listened to him ALL the time. I’ve got the Special Edition of his last CD. People like him, Spice-1, Mac Mall, Mac D., D-Mac — those kinds of artists. Hardcore. I didn’t even know who A Tribe Called Quest was until some writer asked me about them. No really, I didn’t! LOL!”

In one of several emails sent to GB that it just got around to looking at, Fiasco requested one of his music videos be reviewed in an edition of the Music, Watch column, declaring, “It’ll be the first one that y’all don’t dis. I’m completely convinced. I mean, what’s not to like? They’re like skate videos without the main dude (me) skating. Just the rap music playing. I mean, I hold it a little, like a prop. Some rappers grab they dick, I grab the deck! ROTFLMAO”

When it was pointed out to Fiasco that if GB were still around, it would probably be making fun of his constant efforts to remind us of his hardcore past both growing up and in rap music as a way of gaining a kind of hip-hop street cred for time served, thus furthering his completely calculated marketing plan of appealing to every rap purchasing demographic possible, he replied, “It’s whatever. I may not have been shot a bunch of times, but I absolutely could have been. And that’s what counts.”

When reached for comment, Shyne said, “I guess I was a little early with the whole glasses thing, huh?”

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