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“Now That’s What I Call Dilla! Vol. 20” Released

By a Gossiping Bitch on August 6th, 2010


Now Records is proud to present Now That’s What I Call Dilla, Volume 20, the latest in Now’s series dedicated to bringing you everything underground hero Jay Dee ever did, half-did, thought about doing, or was vaguely connected to.

With Now That’s What I Call Dilla! 1-19, we’ve already gone through the best-known works of Dilla, and we’ve thoroughly covered after-death releases like The Shining, Jay Love Japan, Jay Stay Paid, the Dillagence mixtape, and Dilla’s side projects done under names like Black Milk, Flying Lotus, and Illa J. But now it’s time to get to the nitty-gritty, the rarities and unreleased gems that any true Dilla fan simply must have. Now That’s What I Call Dilla! 20 features:

* Previously unheard drum programs—up to 32 bars of kick-clap madness

* The earliest Dilla demos, complete with genuine monophonic sound, clipping, and fifth-generation tape hiss

* Songs from records J-Rocc swears Dilla almost bought

* Cuts from Charles Hamilton’s album, which Dilla executive-produced from beyond the grave (yes, these songs have already been released, but we’re confident nobody ever heard them)

* A 20-minute monologue from ?uestlove about how his life was forever changed by the way Dilla would tap buttons on his sampler (“He used his middle finger to trigger sounds, which I thought was brilliant. I was so stuck in the index-finger paradigm.”)


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  1. Charles Hamilton says:

    Sonic is a super cool video game/ way of life, ya’llz

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