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Reebok: Andre 3000-Designed Clothing, “Not a Good Idea”

By a Gossiping Bitch on January 31st, 2005

Amongst a nasty internet rumor spill, representatives for Reebok today officially stated that their recent licensing agreement with former Outkast rapper, Andre 3000 was, “maybe not such a good idea.”

Reebok Regrets Andre 3000The deal, signed in November 2004, gave Andre carte blanche to design a series of “Men’s sporting wear” apparel, under which Reebok would brand and distribute the wares. Tension mounted in late December, however, when a story appeared on a blog website called, “” which alleged to be, “an inside source.” As the blog entry went, executives at Reebok began to lose faith in the clothing line, when Andre began coming to work on horse back. “It’s not as if he just drove up [in the parking lot], and parked his horse outside,” a Reebok employee told this Gossiping Bitch under conditions of anonymity, “He rode the horse into the building, in the elevator, and practically never got off unless he had to [use the bathroom.]”

The scathing blog report detailed many embattled situations between the recording artist-cum-designer and the higher ups at Reebok in fine detail, even going so far as listing names and coffee preferences of some of Reebok’s management employees. Some believed the blog to be written by Andre himself. “I believe the blog was written by Andre, himself,” offered our anonymous Reebok employee. However, Andre has suggested that his old partner Big Boi may have been up to the charade. “[Big Boi] ain’t nothing but a bitch,” Andre told Teen Bop in January 2005.

Whatever the case, today Reebok has officially broken the agreement, and said it will rather continue to focus on its G. Unit and S. Carter lines of hiphop clothing, which it already produces and distributes.

When reached for comment, Andre 3000’s publicist told us, “We are only releasing statements with real news websites, in regards to this matter.”

Amor de rey.

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