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Schwarzkopf Shortsighted on Schwarzenegger Clone Army

By a Gossiping Bitch on November 17th, 2003

Schwarzkopf Shortsighted on Schwarzenegger Clone ArmyLos Angeles, California — The United States was forced to reveal details Friday of its super-secret giant clone army after one of its prototypes escaped a hangar on the outskirts of Arizona and headed towards Los Angeles, California.

The skyscraper-tall clone army was developed by Charles Schwab & Boeing in a joint project with the United States Air Force. Twenty prototypes were developed utilizing a still-classified process rumored to be a combination of mutated bioengineered tissue and nanotechnology. Most startling of all, however, is the uncanny resemblance of the clones to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Former actor Schwarzenegger, a Republican, is now the governor of California, leading many to question the motives of his entering the political sector.

In this amazing photograph Gossiping Bitches has acquired, the prototype giant clone is pulling itself up from a mountainside with its targets set on L.A.’s Harbor Freeway during midday hours.

The unit was contained before any major damage ensued, when actor Danny Devito was sent in via helicopter to apparently calm the clone.

Details are sketchy, but we will be back with more late-breaking news.

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