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7L & Esoteric Sellout; Respond to El-P, Orkney

By a Gossiping Bitch on March 1st, 2004

The latest blow in the Demigodz / Weathermen indie rap beef wars is a strange one: Not to be outdone, 7L & Esoteric have broken silence with an ad of their own in response to El-P’s sellout sponsorship to Scottish ale maker, Orkney earlier this week.

“I mean, El-P did his beer, so we were like, fuck it,” said Esoteric, who was wearing a full Prada tracksuit and a Burberry pillbox hat at the time of questioning.

The Boston hip-hop duo have signed on with Sony to become the media giant’s official spokespeople for the company’s brand of MiniDV tape. The terms of the agreement are for a period lasting either 7 months or 7,700 ads, whichever comes first. Speculation amongst industry insiders believe this may be the beginning of an alarming trend in underground rap, as artists seek other venues to financially support their failing independent label ventures.

“Even though it’s not Polo, we could still fuckin’ fuck with [Sony].” says 7L. When asked if this meant he would be giving up rapping, Eso replied, “Well, I’ll still rap, but I might give up trying to sell records.”

An advance of the ad, sent exclusively to Gossiping Bitches, shows 7L & Esoteric posing as juvenile mischief high school ruffians. The ad touts the benefits of Sony brand MiniDV tape over the competition’s, by guaranteeing no digital “dropouts” during data transfers, juxtaposed with the aforementioned image of the wayward hiphoppers.

7L & Esoteric Sellout; Respond to El-P, Orkney

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One thought on “7L & Esoteric Sellout; Respond to El-P, Orkney”

  1. cval says:

    This shit so old i dont know how i never found it 12 years ago but dayum. dayum dayum dayum!!! the world should revisit and laugh at what used to be beef … *insert crying with laughter emoji here**

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