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Rico Rakes in Roll; World Continues to Turn

By a Gossiping Bitch on March 1st, 2004

Rico Rakes in Roll; World Continues to TurnWhilst the likes of Big Daddy Kane and Masta Ace remain prophets without honor in their own land, due to a combination of imploding labels or bad judgment calls (is there anyone who thought “Veterans Day” didn’t suck?), we now hear that, of all people, Gerardo “Gerardo” Mejia has taken to carrying his paper in a U-Haul. For reasons best known to only God himself, “Rrrrrrrico Suave” has remained a solid crowd favorite throughout South and Central America, and has become one of the most-sampled records in the Spanish-speaking rap market. With help from the falling US dollar, the world’s leading Spanglish rapper-turned-actor-but-that-didn’t-work-out-so-back-to-being-a-rapper-on-the-nostalgia-circuit earned more than $2m for 2003 alone, according to Interscope’s accounts highlights.

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