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Bush Campaign Claps Back with Kerry Attack

By a Gossiping Bitch on April 26th, 2004

In the wake of presidential no shot John Kerry’s announcement of his “Remix the Iraq War” platform, the Bush campaign Dirty Tricks Department has already responded with an advertisement attacking Kerry’s hip-hop downess:

I’m George W. Bush, and I approved this message.

John Kerry has a lot of wild ideas about remixing the great success that is the Iraq War. He says he supported hip-hop from the beginning, but his record says otherwise.

Free healthcare to old school rappers?

‘Mr. Kerry.’ ‘No.

Finding out who killed Biggie and Tupac?

‘Mr. Kerry.’ ‘No.

Legalizing herb?

‘Mr. Kerry.’ ‘No.

Guns up in the club?

‘Mr. Kerry.’ ‘No.

Freeing Chi Ali?

‘Mr. Kerry.’ ‘Aww, hell no.

John Kerry: Bad for hip-hop, bad for America. Uh, even though hip-hop is bad for America too. You know what we’re saying.”

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