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By a Gossiping Bitch on May 25th, 2005

DITCBYNew York, NY — Not to be left out of the growing trend of rappers turned businessmen, mid-school legends the Diggin In The Crates crew have announced their franchise agreement with nationwide frogurt retailer, TCBY (The Country’s Best Yogurt) to open their own line of specialty shops throughout the NYC area. DITCBY, as the shops will be called, will offer the full line of TCBY products, from cones to cakes, but with the distinct hip-hop twist that only DITC can provide.

“It’s just the next logical step for us as a whole,” said Showbiz, who handled the majority of the negotiations between DITC and TCBY. “I mean, Joey got his thing going on and Finesse got a lotta write-in votes for the last German Presidential election, but the rest of us, ya know, we just gotta keep on the grind.”

DITCBY hopes to set itself apart from the competition by providing something they feel other frogurt stands lack: realness. “Peep our menu,” said Showbiz, “we got all the flavas, but they’re hip-hop flavas, ya know? Like I know DJ Premier loves Moose Tracks, but he can’t be walking in somewhere ordering a cone of Moose Tracks — he’s a grown man. Well, no more sending a shorty in to order while you wait around the corner. Ain’t no shame in the game of ordering at DITCBY.”

The first DITCBY stores will be opening in the Bronx and Harlem later this year, with plans for expansion throughout the city in 2006-07. “Music, clothes, alcohol…it’s all been done,” said Showbiz. “We’re taking it to that next level. That next delicous, low-fat level.”

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