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Backroom Whispers

January 19th, 2004
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Backroom Whispers

So some of you saw that “Timbaland to work with Axl Rose” story we threw out there a little way back, and thought to yourselves; “how come I didn’t read that anywhere else?” You think we made it up, didn’t you? We know you did, don’t be lyin’. You think we made it up. Like there aren’t enough “Axl Rose is a stupid no-talent fuck-up” stories out there that we need to go and make one up? Y’know, stories like the one about Axl delivering (and Interscope rejecting) “Chinese Democracy” a year or so back causing Axl to flip out, trash the office of his manager/ex-bodyguard/yes-man, and blow out a sold-out European tour.

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