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Motherfuckin Wyclef Motherfuckin Sick of Losin!

August 26th, 2010
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The Haitian Electoral Commission (“Even we have standards!”) has announced the disqualification of rap singer Wyclef Jean from his presidential candidacy bid. “I was going to fight this in Haitian court,” Jean declared, “but then they came back at me like, ‘the joke is on you pal, we have no courts!’ So I guess that’s […]

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C-Lig: The Chameleon Homie – Part 3

March 26th, 2004
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C-Lig: The Chameleon Homie - Part 3

“RZA used to say ‘dude’ a lot around that period,” C-Lig recollects. “And he stuttered too, of course. So, he was like, ‘Du-du-du-du-dude, I am the RZA! What you talking about?’ And then he was trying to say something else, but all that came out was that ‘du-du-du-du’ shit.”

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