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Nas Asked for It…

March 2nd, 2007
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Nas Asked for It...

Nas is like, the rest of us. He watches the video shows, listens to the radio, downloads mp3s from his favorite hip-hop blogs, and wonders what happened to all the rappers who could actually rap. On his new album, Hip Hop is Dead (If I Worked with Puffy, Here’s How I Did It…), Escobar lends mainstream credibility to the Just Naming Every Rapper You Can Think Of concept — mined recently by the likes of Edan and Quasimoto — with his song (and subsequent remixes of) “Where Are They Now.” On the track, Nas demands to know what became of various hip-hop figures from yestercentury.

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GB1’s: “I Hate the Everything” Pt. 1

November 11th, 2004
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Talking out your ass is an American tradition. We live in a culture where not knowing what the hell you’re talking about is rewarded if you are able to maintain an obnoxiously authoritative tone about it. So the GBs got together and thought, "What if we got a bunch of desperate C-List celebrities together to comment and cap on various pop-culture topics?

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