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What’s Up Your Ass? An Interview with Roosevelt Franklin

February 23rd, 2004
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What's Up Your Ass? An Interview with Roosevelt Franklin

For a children’s TV personality, Roosevelt Franklin sure doesn’t like much publicity. Being that he is the only black Muppet on PBS’ Sesame Street television show, Gossiping Bitches wanted to procure an opportunity to pick at the muppet’s yarn, as it were, and see what makes him tick. The thing is, however, it proved harder than we originally anticipated.

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Roosevelt Franklin – The Interview That Never Wasn’t

January 20th, 2004
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Once in a while, people don’t do what the G.B.’s ask. We know what you’re thinking — How could this happen? Indeed, it shocks even us at times. In this rare occurrence, we like to turn up the heat & bring it on Kokaineikof style in a virtual game of, “Make your move, sucka.” And […]

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