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Armani, Hip Hoppers Embrace ‘Metrosexual’ Fashion

By a Gossiping Bitch on January 20th, 2004

Armani, Hip Hoppers Embrace 'Metrosexual' FashionLittle Italy, NYC — Giorgio Armani summed up the five days of menswear preview showings for Fall-Winter 2004: dressing a man who dares to show tenderness. Popular rapper and aspiring actor, Cam’Ron strutted his stuff on the catwalk, in what Giorgio Armani is labeling, ‘Metrosexual Fashion Season’.

“Metrosexual” is the name invented for a man who combines macho with mild, claiming some femininity for the male sex.

As ambiguous as it is designed to sound, there was no suppressing the feminine in Cam’Ron, as he posed for pictures on and off the runway.

Gossiping Bitches has been observing the rise of Metrosexuality in hiphop for quite some time now, but never has a designer as revered as Giorgio Armani attempted to capitalize in what most m.c.’s have yet to realize they are doing subconsciously.

The show was followed by a roaring party, with flashing lights, caged Mariah Carey look-a-likes holding sub-machine guns and blaring disco music, creating a very different mood from the highbrow feel of the Armani label collection.

“A jacket is so flimsy it doubles as a sweater,” commented Giorgio Armani, apparently high off Ecstasy and downers. He later retorted, “A shirt collection should come complete with style-swapping sexes.” Whatever the hell that was supposed to mean.

In other equally Metrosexual news, auditions for the “8 Mile” sequel have begun:

8 Mile Auditions

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