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Graffiti & No Meat; Fairey Keeping it Tru to tha Streetz

By a Gossiping Bitch on March 26th, 2004

Graffiti & No Meat; Fairey Keeping it Tru to tha StreetzAfter stenciling street lamps and t-shirts across the nation with his hip-hop-inspired iconography, OBEY GIANT’S Shepard Fairey has turned his creative eye to fruit. “Muhfuckas was painting up shoes and chairs and shit all last year,” says Fairey (pronounced not like ‘Fairy’), “I really had to diversify to keep my profits swinging.”

“The banana, it represents the Evil Empire,” continued Fairey. “The eyes, always watching you…the graffiti, keeping it close to the streets.”

Shepard Fairey, who had his formal art training (not painting the streets of New York City) at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, says he expects his limited edition fruit graffiti to be sold at galleries in Japan and London for “…around $9,000, certified organic.”

“This shit’s for the streets. It’s for the true heads, all my eBay limited edition Nike Air Force One heads,” boasted Fairey. Fellow RISD alumnus Paul Barman commented, “Bananas verandas flatulence spatula.”

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