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Tweets Is Watching

September 17th, 2010
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Overheard at an Internet Cafe…

“What’d you do last night, man?”

“We did, um, two whole tweets. It was me, @Dez, and @Mean3, right? And on the first tweet in small letters it said…

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Hip-Hop Turns 30 (If You Say So!)

January 12th, 2005
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Graffiti & No Meat; Fairey Keeping it Tru to tha Streetz

March 26th, 2004
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After stenciling street lamps and t-shirts across the nation with his hip-hop-inspired iconography, OBEY GIANT’S Shepard Fairey has turned his creative eye to fruit. “Muhfuckas was painting up shoes and chairs and shit all last year,” says Fairey (pronounced not like ‘Fairy’), “I really had to diversify to keep my profits swinging.” “The banana, it […]

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Hip-Hoppers Hit Up Harry’s Hogwart

September 4th, 2003
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Reuters news service reports a gang of hip-hop listening vandals have attacked and defaced Harry Potter’s train, the Hogwarts Express using aerosol paint; an act better known as graffiti. The train, which actively serves travelers between Scarborough and York, is estimated at costing more than $5,000 to repair. “The people who did this are mindless […]

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